Keeling Lamps: Designers and Manufacturers of Decorative Lighting Since 1971
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Keeling Lamps
by Laurie Keeling

30 Gina Lane
Marlborough CT 06447
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Hand Painted & Decorative Lighting

Keeling Lamps - Since 1971

Keeling Lamps has been in business since 1971 producing reverse hand painted lighting, stained glass lamps and custom windows. We develop many custom products that bring light and colorful accents to your living space. From chandelier heights, paint colors, and custom designed pieces to windows, panels, glass frames and custom mirrors.

With two locations in Connecticut, we also offer a lamp repair department for general lighting and an in-home lighting consultation service for all of your lighting needs.

Keeling Lamps designs and manufacturers Reverse Hand Painted Lighting, Handcrafted Stained Glass Lamps and Custom Stained Glass Windows. Keeling Lamps also provides Home Lighting Consultations and Lamp Repair and Restoration services in Connecticut CT.